Monday, August 13, 2012


Mixing Darwanism with ones religion isn't too difficult a thing to do, is being done, and it amuses me to think/imagine the priests and rabbis running in circles smacking the tops of their heads trying quickly to give answers to inquisitive followers of theirs, once Charles Darwin released his revelations. I've concluded this, thus far;

Fucker was right *but, he never spoke of what happens to the energy that is life after the fact. The order, which many have come to confuse with this word G-d. Also, never spoke about the eyes and how they work which is another subject altogether.  There is an afterlife folks, I know. The order IMHO is maintained by the best of those that have lived here and other places. Defining "best" is open to interpretation and I'm confident there is a bureaucracy wherever THA fuck that is.