Sunday, September 02, 2012


Often I think about how everything can be categorized and is. About the characters, past events, achievements and blunders of man and fantasize about an encyclopedia of everything like Wikipedia but way more detailed. Then, when you think about it, just like I get bored of Manhattan or a kid does with a toy, its easy to want to see whats around the corner. Ain't it boring? The constant pursuit of cash and wealth. Family values have gone to shit in the US. I've told many that NYC is a perfect laboratory for a propagandist or social engineer. You wont find people influenced with such diverse and colorful followings anywhere else, in my opinion. One thinks he's a gangster, another fancies himself a hipster, wearing $300 Ray Bans and a torn shirt. There's many o those who  think they are elite/superior because they earn  more cash, the push cart workers - all are mice in an invisible cage. Following the person next to them. Why? Because their parents followed the people closer to them and so on n so forth. Then, they beat you with their stupidity and steal creativity and potential straight from out this here life you'll be living. Can't blame em as they think following the crowd is the best way. Know well, things are not as they seem, I know this because I, surely, am not.