Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello Silence

I think we are (at an early age) taught to follow. Follow orders from parents and teachers, follow synthetic normalcy manufactured like Fords.Told by people we see as smarter, superior, role models and such to follow what they believe. Perhaps a religion, way of life or of thinking. As a deep analyzer of things, words fancy me when they're spoken by others. I take sentences said to the surgery room. The mannerisms, movements of eyes and body, all indicators of sorts. Those, together with words spoken tell what may not be only available with what was provided by words said. 

I sit here now at the pool area of a place called Kfar Hayam. Been here for 30 min but just now went and put ear plugs in. Just a sec ago kids yelling, couples chatting, groups of chics giggling... Complete silence. One sense gone, another amplified, the movements and mannerisms of people around me. The way one carries themselves speaks volumes about what they think of themselves. There's even those funny ones who think they understand this concept and walk around overcompensating, all funny looking.

So lovely, the silence.

Scenery and "sights" still here but my ears are not fraught with sounds I care not to hear.

There is a deaf man I work with and I'm willing to bet he knows the true scoop on everyone in this near 100 person factory.