Saturday, September 01, 2012

Of note

I should mention, being here in Israel, I feel a sense of brotherhood with randoms around me. Thing is, others feel the same way and so today I had my breakfast on the beach in tel-Aviv with Rip and the security guard at the table telling me stories about our religion. Interesting things, Ive never before heard said, he stated. For example, the reason the Jews cut the throats of the animals we eat in a precise way is because kosher ones have one vein leading up to their brains which once cut, instanetaneous done deal children. On the other hand, other animals that are not kosher have another vein on the backs of their spines which allow for pain whilst being killed. This fact (yes, I checked) is accurate. Another thing this random schooled me on is this: Every religion included some guy who claimed GOD spoke to him and told him this that or some other bullshit. Think about it, Mohamad with Islam, Jesus w/Christianity, that dumbshit with Mormonism and the other one with Scientology. All got stoned as fuck and claimed (themselves) having spoken to the "almighty" and given instructions to lead. Judaism is the only religion where there was a huge mass witnessing of G-d  at Mount Sinai (as the stories profess) It's hard to cover that up as many have tried to do. Also, there was never any book until not too long ago. It was told by father to son and so on for generations and genera... This type of knowledge I like. When I'm done spinning I may settle on one "ist or "ism" but damn  am I enjoying the current chaos.