Friday, September 14, 2012

The Gust - Must follow

Been telling plenty, NY is a wonderful location for a person with interests  in studying the diverse ways people are influenced by mass media, be it TV, radio, online, or printed influence. NYC is filled w/"lab rats" for a social scientist.When my friend Dan and I were at the museum of NYC we saw photos taken of the early days of, ye, NYC. Social influence such as fads (in my opinion) have been around since the dawn of man. Below is an example of social conformation with the same top hats and such. The desire to be accepted, to be a part of the group is clearly unhealthy for ones mind as it can easily be manipulated by the whole or the leader. Nobody really questions themselves, I dont think, asking, "am I follower?" More should..

Classification is old but still well ingrained in international society and will continue on, in my opinion. If it weren't for my cousin Moshe, who was with me most of the time roaming NYC, I'd be in Rykers  Island right now. It's hard to simply hover from up above (metaphorically) like a bird of prey when your wings dont work, and, your in the midst and among these parts of a machine that attach themselves to you and then ruin you  like malignant cancer. People meeting you with a smile, while thinking, "is this a customer or not". Judging you by your appearance. Once in Washington Square park a young dude from Greenpeace stood before my path and asked if I'm interested in learning about "how you can better the world" I knew the anecdote needed for him to lose interest in me. "I wouldn't mind learning about your cause but haven't cash to spare". Turned around and fished some tourists in with his greenpeace shirt and fake claims to want to help the world. Lying to himself saying "I'm bettering the world" all the while just trying to make a buck  like everyone else. It's fine but be transparent. Say "I honestly dont give a fuck about this cause, 50% of the donated money goes into my pocket, 40% to those who own me, and perhaps 10 to those who need it. Say "I want you to donate so I can get my cut and go to them dudes by the chess tables and score some pot, then hug a tree and cry as if for the tree but really because I seek an outlet thru which to cry about other, personal, (most probably) deep seeded things). Example in vid below;