Wednesday, September 19, 2012

U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals

Project MKUltra

FM 34-52 Intelligence Interrogation.


Techniques discussed in School of the Americas training manuals, 1987–1991:[12][5][1]
Crap of note: 

Donald Ewen Cameron

In the late 1940s, Cameron presented his ideas in a lecture entitled Dangerous Men and Women. In it, he described various personalities that he believed were of marked danger to all members of society, including children. The personality types are as follows:
  • A passive man who "is afraid to say what he really thinks", and "will stand anything, and stands for nothing". Cameron gives him a racial and national distinction: "[H]e was born in Munich, he is the eternal compromiser and his spiritual food is appeasement".[13]
  • A possessive type, filled with jealousy and demanding utmost loyalty. Cameron wrote that this personality type poses a danger to those closest to them, especially children.
  • The insecure man — "They are the driven crowds that makes the army of the authoritarian overlord; they are the stuffing of conservatism ... mediocrity is their god. They fear the stranger, they fear the new idea; they are afraid to live, and scared to die." This third type needs conformity and obeys the dictates of society. This type creates a world of strict standards of right or wrong which are manipulated by power groups to keep the insecure under control and dependent. Cameron theorized that this type is dangerous because of its "lust for authority".[14]
  • The last type is the psychopath, the greatest danger in times of political and societal upheaval; this Cameron merely called "the Gestapo".
Fuck you Cameron, let me rename your last not -- psychopath -- but spinning top. That's right. This type cares not for the rests opinions, your attempts at influencing this type are impossible. He is likely to crack your jaw with one halfhearted swing and leave ur damned soul eating out of a straw for 6 months, just for trying. Damn right he's dangerous to society because like Karma police he delivers justice and puts people and things in places HE believes they belong. Never led but unAmerican scum like you dont like that.