Thursday, September 06, 2012

Social Science

As a social scientist with a social scientists degree from a very very prestigious institution or without one, I can say to you friend, that watching tv with the actors and pleasant looking faces is all part of an insidious and deep seeded plan to hypnotize and stop you from progressing creatively and intellectually. From shutting down mentally and restarting daily, as everyone should, with meditation. Seeing the anchor on tv talking about the news with a broad smile and well groomed hair, your only natural thought is that all is well with society. I mean, that is society, right, our commercials and radio/news programs? "Fuck, I wouldn't mind buying the titties that there broad has on channel 2" is what so very very many think to themselves and do. To look like society. Ha! Fuck you society!  Kiss my fattening white ass! Was recently asked if I'd like to be a sheep like many in this world and follow what everyone does. Was hard for the other person to understand why I am fighting them with 0 wasting of words and bluntness worse then Phillies. Reason is simple; I've concluded certain things about existentialism and I know others opinions about it. It vexes me so when attempts are made (openly or thru other means) to conform me to others little thinking. It may be a reason I can end up in jail one day. Not much has changed since we used to lynch them there "niggers" or had pograms on the "Kykes".  I highly doubt that in a couple hundred years if not sooner, religions will be done away with mostly. This, because people ARE (at least) smartening up. This is the info age, afterall. I've been putting plans into their places and mastering the art of ownage of body. Gotta run, the Kardashians are on, OH BOYYYY!