Friday, October 05, 2012

The Stupification Of Our Nation - Bout being molded

I think throughout most of the worlds societies, especially the USA's there is 2 types of people. The vast majority, I'd say even 90%, who allow, sorry, seek influence to mold them. These types believe everything they read, including ridiculous religious writings, those of idiot authors, as well as journalists. These are the people who are intimately familiar with the life of Kim Kardashian. But let me not confuse you. You don't have to watch the Kardashians or Jersey Shore to fall into this 90%. As I often say, there are spectrums. All you need to do (or pls dont do) is allow a movie to influence you without first questioning its writers backgrounds/directors/motives. Allow your opinion to be formed by writings from whomever without first investigating well, it's authors -- in order to fall into this 90% of cancerous mass, ruining earth.

It's come time to treat this I think. It all began with the industrial revolution and the springing up of propaganda posters. Before then it was present but an invisible reality. These days these tactics of control are hyper exerted on us. To bog down, to stupify, to make uniform and to conform.