Monday, October 08, 2012

Thoughts on fate

The natural order of life, I think one of the main reasons people live is to feel pain. I hold no doubt, this plain/realm is one where we come to fix things, to experience pain at the same time as well. 

For some strange reason I am convinced this is true.

We're born to folk older than us and are led, mentored, PARENTED, only to have to see them leave us and live with the constant when they're gone.

We bring young to, and have to watch them fight this worlds ugly fights.

How can something ungoverned have guilt and a conscience? This is an equation I can't crack.

But, these emotions, all that fall between love and hate, if looked at closely, if lingered with long enough, lead to pain.

Why pain? When sharpening a knife, you are scraping off parts of it. By living, we add or subtract particular attributes, picked up simply by being here and experiencing. These, we take with us to whatever realm, plain w/ever. Add or subtract, you are being changed.  Gluttony is rampant so normally it is an addition that adds to a subtraction. For example, the smile of a brilliant 7 year old which subtracts the cold heartedness of a killer. Or, on the other hand a smack to the face by an abusive father that will add to the souls lessening change in temperature. You're changed regardless of the equation or way you use it, except  for 0 sharpening, 1 X 1 which is suicide. No forward improvement on the soul uhtall.

'Scuse me, just had to be rude to a half ringer we have in our family here in Israel bc she calls me 100X's a day. I'm sure that hurt. After yelling I did say I love you though.

The bottom line is this;

I think we're here, to not only improve ourselves, but like a cancer grows, first small, and eventually "all systems gone", that is how I suggest POSITIVE influence on the world should come about. Small cells that glow in the sense that they teach, mentor, turn around the ways that the world stand. I think terrorists run this way. Wonder why? They're convinced of their "Ism".  As for them, when one pushes it's ways on any other, that "one" should be done away with like a vitamin does for the lack of B2. NO  Ism cept organisms doing right, no leader but, complete autonomy. These people need (as said) to educate their  "nearbys".

Every soul can meet their sword Excalibur. One needs only to have open eyes and also be awake, in order to yield it.