Monday, October 01, 2012

Why Gillythakid.

The nickname, given to me by friends because of my rural excursions, Billy The Kid saw the west as his playground and similarly so, I see the world. Corruption was riper and was all over the place then to, and, although the fat cats/history portray him as a menace, who knows, he could have been  like Ned Kelly,

Australia's (in my opinion - just) anti-police, resident, bad ass of the 1800's. Neds story is simple; you don't grab a dude by the balls or fuck with their mom. Billy probably saw the crookedness and robbed from those who were. Remember, those with the money he robbed from, wrote what we know and have come to accept as fact about him. Our written history is full of lies, had written by the plutocrats who ruled whatever time, just like today.