Sunday, November 18, 2012

About False Flag Attacks

Since I don't watch TV and am not bombarded by lies from news programs and the sort, I think I may have a clearer picture, mine being less distorted, diluted and all, about what is really going on here, with the current Arab-Israeli conflict. I think the simplistic mortars being fired into open Israeli fields -- yet still causing panic, anger, and hate because of the scary bomb sirens, is a false flag operation. The bearded men standing next to those mortar rockets, shooting them off, like bottle rockets, can very well be Mossad agents or some others. See, it's simple, a $450 mortar gets met by a $150,000 interceptor missile from our Iron Dome Missile Defense System. This is a simple racket folks. It's a few hundred of these things being intercepted nowadays. Israels main GDP is military technology. The bases that the US has dotted all around here is a sign of whats to come - The West's dominance, of this here region. Call me a conspiracy theorist, call me what you will, but, if you're forming your opinions from what you're seeing on that old tube or new plasma screen, sorry, but you have got your head so deep in your ass, your watching it through the back side of your eyes.

This here post, is to educate those who have never heard the term 'False Flag Operation'. You should keep in mind (as I'm sure you are) that I may be dead wrong, and that what is now unfolding is something different altogether. This here, is simply the way it seems to me,  with the 31 years I was given and while resting my head here, in the land of the holy and bombarded.

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order" ~ David Rockefeller