Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bout elections

The day before Obama was elected president, I found myself in the swanky Library Room in the Hudson Hotel on 57th Street in NY. Dropped in there to look over notes related to work I was then doing, over a beer. I chatted up a couple well dressed (3 piece suit wearing) older Brits, mentioning "your accents are different than that of other Brits I know, why is that?". "We speak what's known as" he said, "The Kings English". Obvious aristocrats, they went on about some party they'll be attending that evening for Obamas winning the election at Bloombergs home. Told me they live next to the stone circles in Wales. My obvious and inevitable question to them: "But, how do you know he's going to win?" One of them shared a glazed look with me and then offered their hands for a shake as they made their way. Elections mean jackshit and anyway, you can be sure that both "candidates" strings are made of the same fabric. The ruse that is elections is one of historys greatest. Never will those with the most give any chance to those with the least to influence their plans.