Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'd question if truly I saw

It's tough trudgin through this here plain, way things are. If I was a new soul, who just recently landed in this realm, I'd wander round bumping into things, in a sort of perplexed stupor apologizing and shit, with wide open eyes wondering why/how things became the way they did. About the way I see that man treats their fellow man. Things like love would amaze me and I'd want to learn more of what causes the feeling. Things like apathy would scare me and cause me to worry for the species I'm analyzing.

I'd see, every morning on the subway, the empty eyes of immigrants on the way to NYC, commuting for those dollars, souls stolen from them.

All for one reason apparently; "That's the way it is" is what I keep getting told, whilst slowly my stupor fades and I realize that those I witness, roaming blindly around me, have solidified this falsity deep within them.

Everything IS the way that it has been built or formed. From a lone stone, to a high tech robot. Nothing just "is".

I'd question and reform the process in-which my leaders are elected -- right then and there, soon as I see a fault in the system, boom, fix.

I'd ask about the abundance of things and why they are not shared with those that are needier than others. About why shares of peoples incomes are taken from them, yet, not spent how they please.

I'd look and see a Muslim on his knees bowing down, so his head touches the floor, facing Mecca. Constraining himself because of something once written, causing conflict within like all these organizations they call religions or ways of "life".
I'd see a crowd of Jews all moving back and fro in unison, following what they're told blindly, or, because "that's how it is".

I would take notice that everything, all around me has been built as an ugly competition. To be nicer, to be better, prettier, to have more, to be smarter.

I see only a select few, who stop, and take the time to see what is really before them.

If I were a new soul, just arriving here, with the wit of a wise one, I'd seek to exit this here plain fast as possible, but definitely not before leaving a lasting impact.

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