Friday, November 02, 2012

"Radical Thoughts"

Having learned much as I had about the control set upon us, I have begun to question everything, and I mean everything. Being that this realm is one filled with corruption, greed, hate, pain and a couple of nice things thrown in, and after realizing my "leaders" have been lying to me, reminiscent of when the Nazis told the concentration camp prisoners "we're letting you shower, enter this here room" which was in-fact a gas chamber, I offer an outlook you will think  is radical as a blond haired San Diegan surfer. Stop watching tv, start learning things - not things forced on you by institutions or parents but what you like, and you may just open your mind to all possibilities. What I'm getting at is this: Since this realm can be one of what may be, many hells, perhaps people who we have come to despise, like, say, Hitler, were actually angels sent to help "the chosen people" leave this wretched place. Perhaps those in charge of the world - and I don't mean politicians, have molded and formed this plain in-order for most to suffer, because suffering here, strengthens our souls and brings us closer to the energy, the light, that is "God", least so say those who have undergone past life regression therapy.

What's that you say? "This is ridiculous!" Well friend, my only retort would be to simply look at how society functions. Analyze your everyday thoughts, your actions - then think about how things CAN work, and question why they don't...

Do I believe this here to be absolute? I can't know for sure and neither can you. The intention here is to show you the way an open and free mind thinks.