Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A year I'll never forget - I'm back home

I remember throughout my life, holding a grudge against my parents and resenting them for "leaving Israel, the beautiful country, for this cesspool" which I found NYC to be. I owe them a thousand apologies. Israel is a desert, a mostly baron land still being developed, building cranes far as the eye can see, occupied mostly by self serving, small minded, world raping people who don't see further than the prospect of surviving or decreasing the "minuses" they have in their banks and mind not taking advantage of "their fellow brothers and sisters" to meet that end. Israel has left a bad taste in my mouth and I don't foresee myself setting foot over there for a long, long while.

Although I may not deem it fit to live in, I shall not talk down all of the people there. One of them has helped me to see things clearer than ever I have. To return back to the Gilly that once was, before all sorts of influence molded me. It's been a long while if ever it's even been, that I know exactly what I want from my life. To sharpen my mind and soon grow a family.

Quite honestly, these days, there is only a small space in my heart that cares for Israel and that space is filled only because my lovely little sister schools there.

I can only guess that before moving to Israel I forgot I am a true to the color black New Yorker. A true to the red white and blue 'Merican who because of many influences I let in, lost myself and thought I'd find it elsewhere. Nah, both the city and the country found in this state is where this soul belongs, will dwell, and will remain.

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