Sunday, December 30, 2012

Current (maniacal) read

In this book Aldous Huxley gives us a fictitious view of a world where counting the date started as A.F. similarly to B.C. (before/after Christ), A.F. is an acronym of After Ford. During the time when the book was published, the Ford motor company was todays Apple or Microsoft. Goes on about (and properly predicts) the advanced automation and synthetic ness of everything, and of a drugged up -- government controlled world of slaves (ala animal farm). I don't like fiction but in this book he foretold or imagined things that are playing out in our world today. Things he could never have definitively knew. Quite interesting though I wouldn't recommend it much as I would the book below, Animal Farm which is a story about Stalinism and a creatively written vision of  Gov't control. Told through a story about talking animals running their own farm.