Tuesday, January 08, 2013

~ Edward Bernays re Propaganda

In the 40's, after people were appalled by the effects of the Nazi propaganda machine, a school sprung up that shone light upon and helped the American population identify and combat the techniques spoken of above. Quickly it was shut down and replaced by the John F Kennedy school of special warfare. This school teaches techniques outlining the use of - and how to exert - this invisible weapon of mass retardation on the population, to Special Ops soldiers. Take note of the name of this school. Named after a great man that was after freedom, truth, and the advancement of the world. Now an insidious institution named after him, with the intent to fool, to decieve. The polar opposite of the school aforementioned. Teaching, seemingly successfully, to slowly create a dystopian society. The Patriot Act, anything but patriotic. Operation "Iraqi Freedom", are they free? Do you not see this pattern of false truths? Have we not killed over a million of them? Are we not still killing them with drones and the like? Is it wise to assume that these million were all terrorists? George Orwells book '1984' predicted this would happen. The degeneration of the English language and the inherit servitude of those who listen to and believe what is slyly delivered to them via means they think is innocently there to entertain them is going to be the continued down falling of society as we know/knew it. I can only hope, as I pen this post, that these deceptive methods one day soon become clear.