Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bout Competition

Never really appreciated NY much as I do these days. Most of the posts on this blog would give you a taste of how much I hate city life. Thing is this: Opportunity to live a ridiculously more privileged life than really anywhere else in the world is not only prevalent but abundant here. And, if you have the drive and ambition, if you are a fucking hustler, you can place yourself, put simply, in high positions. These days I am all about taking no prisoners. I live in the moment and don't fuck around. Not the hippyish dude I've been the past couple years. Unfortunately, worrying about the events that make the world a terrible place has been detrimental to my well being. So, to hell with that crap. Since being a seed we have endlessly competed and, when competing, to win is the goal. Whether to get into that womb or into that honors class, a competition its always been. For this reason, a hustler is, in my opinion, very much correct in the path he's chosen. And I don't mean a street hustler but a person who strives to win at whatever they do. To be the best, like they were when trying to enter their mommys womb.

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