Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The wave

I truly believe that if you are not insulted by 99% of advertisements on T.V. and radio, even print advertisements, you may be a dumbshit. You see, it's an insult to my intelligence when someone trys selling me something by speaking using a certain tone, looking a certain way or using dramatic tunes. It is very much annoying. For this reason, on my 45 minute drive to work, I find myself alone with my thoughts. Sometimes it's boring but still much preferred (least by me) over listening to retarded radio hosts and their tepid ads. Again, I prefer to not be insulted by their overzealous attempts at influencing me. Now n then I'll put a good CD in and bump to that. I absolutely abhor these jerk offs trying to sell me poisonous energy drinks or fast food using deceitful tactics like slow flicker rates essentially hypnotizing you through your tube. I'd have not 1 issue placing all these marketing companies on an Island somewhere and nuking them.

Anyhoot, on a lighter note, work is ghuud, feeling appreciated is nice and rather new to me. I normally am anti working for others besides myself but for the folks for whom I currently do, I am pleased with the arrangement. Although it goes against much you'll find written on this blog, I'll probably be moving to Manhattan soon where I find I get along better with people. Sorta torn between saving money or living it up. I don't believe you only live once but do that life is short so the city, although it's always been my stomping ground, may soon be where I rest my head.

Under and in.

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