Friday, January 31, 2014


The days of late have been good times indeed. Last weekend I was skiing with one of my best friends Ronnie Armani. I thought we were simply going up to ski but we ended spending the night and partying like we were 17 again. Good times were had and we're going again this weekend. Wyndham probably. Work is good at a software start-up on the upper west side. It's blistering cold these days and any part of your body/flesh that is exposed starts to burn when outside for too long. I'm looking forward to some warm weather which according to my iphone weather app should be coming soon. I haven't been dating and feel it's time I change that. What keeps me from it is the fact that since returning from Israel I've been staying at my parents and that hits at my confidence and anyhow where will I bring a girl that wants to come with me - to my bedroom in my parents house? I miss writing here and will do so more often.

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