Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gillys 2014 Recap

Figured I'd toss some words around and write about the events of the past year since I'm bored and there were many significant ones.

So on Jan 2nd a bus fell off a cliff and killed 30 people in India Just imagine the free fall and then the power of inertia involved with taking the lives of 30 people. When thinking about this force being stopped it's 10 x worse than a head on collision because their met with the ground, which is firmer.

 Around 12 people were chillin eating popcorn in a movie theater on Feb 11th in Pakistan when someone tossed a grenade inside, apparantly peeved about the long previews (jk) and killed them all.

This group Boko Haram thinks the progress of stupidity is a good idea and so they went into a school and killed 50 students in Nigeria on Feb 25th.

 On March 1st a group of knife wielding, crazed nutjobs in a railway station in China chopped up and killed 29 people. I mean Jesus, think of a battle scene from out of one of those midevil films and you get an idea what it might have looked like. Compound that with the fact that the victims were NOT armed or even expecting such a thing.

A Malaysian airlines plane stopped blipping on the radar of air traffic commanders screens on March 8th and a long unfruitful search for the plane has been going on since. Later in the year another plane was shot down from the same airline. I think it's a bit of a coincidence that the head of the International Monetary Fund gave a speech a couple months before stressing and repeating the importance of the number 7 (which was in both planes flight numbers) over and over. Whomever might have gained from this act has gotten away with it.

On March 21st Russia decided to flex its muscles and swing its dick around the territory there, officially annexed Crimea, essentially telling Ukraine that they are their bitch. Later Russia, through the use of seperatists (as a front) even invaded and continues to abuse Ukraine.

See the media is awash with crap and so when important messages are delivered, not often are they taken seriously. Don't think that this is a natural phenomena, it is planned, it has been built this way so that when messages like this about what might happen because of climate change in 5-10 years don't cause much of a stir or a panic, as it should. Battles of power for food and water.

So, the worst disaster to ever happen on Mt Everest did this year on April 18th. A wickedly massive avalanche killed 29 climbers including some very well known sherpas/guides. The craziest thing about this event, if you ask me, is the recordings the dead took right before dying.

 On April 23rd inertia reared its ugly head again when it killed 60 people in a train crash in the Congo. The driver was speeding when he was met with a curve and flew off the tracks.

On May 6th this guy, who seems very pleased with himself, released a video that I happen to watch at the time. A sick fuck from Boko Haram

On May 26th Ebola became an issue again. When a little girl in a remote village somewhere probably played with or ate a sick monkey. By now it's better contained than the months immediately after when some doctors who were helping out became ill and were brought back to the US. One really weird story about the whole situation is when a whole ebola team, who went to some remote village to collect blood and inform people about what was happening, were brutally killed with clubs by the village people.

 Gangnam style is the first video to reach 2 billion views on Youtube on May 31st.

On July 7th Israel launched operation protective edge against Hamas in the West Bank. I have a lot to say about this but I will keep tight lipped so as not to bore you with my opinion which is that Palestinians need a real government who will promote education in schools that are not named after suicide bombers.

 Typhoon Rammasun killed around 110 people in the Philipines, China and Vietnam. Musta been a badass storm.

On June 24th 116 people were killed when a plane (with flight number 5017 *cough*) crashed in Mali

On Sept 4th a monsoon killed 400 people in India and Pakistan

Another event not spoken of as much as it should is when 83 MILLION accounts were hacked at Chase bank. I don't know about you, but many people that I know personally have complained about fraud on their cards since. My dad had to replace his twice already in the past 2 months.

On Nov 3rd One World Trade Center finally opened after 13 long years of reconstruction. As a New Yorker, I'd like to say that all I wanted to rest in that place was another new twin towers, not a newly designed building.

In November, kinda like a kids toy, the internet broke a couple times when Kim Kardashian decided to poor champagne on, and show the world her ass and other lady parts.

On Dec 9th the CIA torture report was released. All I can say about that is that it seems the US intelligence community is dumb as wood.

On Dec 13th a Civil rights protest went down in Washington D.C. to say enough is enough over the killings of so many unarmed Americans. What needs to be known about the situation is that in countries like Germany and France the number of people killed by police every year is like 2 or 3. Compare that to hundreds killed here in the US. Reason for this is that when some crazed/angry person comes at them with a knife (not even unarmed like those in US) the police don't freak out, they act cool, put a bullet in the guys leg or arm and two weeks later take him to jail after coming out from the hospital, hmm.

It shouldn't come as a surprise (although a true tragedy) that a couple days ago two cops who were sitting in their car in Brooklyn were murdered by some guy who said hes doing it to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Finally, I'd like to add that obviously many other events have gone down this year, many pleasant and many not so much. I'm not mentioning some things/groups because I don't want to stain my page with their names.

All in all, what I can tell ya I learned personally this year, is that the world really is a loud and colorful carnival of madness, and their is a reason for absolutely everything. Also, that often, people interpret clearly spoken words/messages into whatever fits with their unique thinking or beliefs, remaining ignorant to important knowledge being bestowed unto them by someone who is awake.

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