Sunday, December 21, 2014

How To Break Free From The Oppression Of Creative Thought Caused By The Daily Grind.

Mental Chatter:
What must be understood straight away is that we are stuck with a roommate in our heads from the beginning until the end of our lives. With this person we strategize, we build our realities, we bring to fruition our goals or we suppress them, fear them and others or cease to be creative.

Mental Conditioning:

It should be understood that we can train our thoughts to serve us. If done right, you can catch your thoughts straying from the objective and whip it back into place. It's important to remember that the only thing that differentiates us from animals is this ability to step out from a situation, examine it and come up with ways to tackle situations. So, if you step out from your daily grind and you examine your days activities and interactions with a mind similar to a childs, in that you are seeing things fresh, then you have the benefit of coming up with solutions for problems you were too busy to even realize had solutions beforehand.

I think it's very important to realize that we affect reality much more so than reality affects us. If you step outside of your situation, look at the big picture, you may realize that the reality you're living doesn't fit well with the capabilities you possess. Examine things critically and then use your mental chatter to create steps that will lead to an altered reality, a better one.

Menial Tasks:
If your day is filled with tasks that are menial, keep one thing in mind. No matter what you do you can do it best if you love it. Start to love what you do however much you might hate it. Realize that you a contributor to a hierarchical system and if you are seen as doing whatever you're doing, well, it will be noticed. After you master your given task you need to start to brainstorm as to how to make it all better. Not only what you do but other things at whatever organization you're a part of.

All is nice and fine when written down but how do we live things up? Read books that have to with self improvement, sharpen your mind with books that discuss how innovators think. Condition yourself with thoughts of success and realities that you CAN make awesome for yourself. Keep focused (always) on the task at hand and catch and correct yourself when you stray from productive thought.

It's displeasing to me when I see people with lifeless eyes riding the subway into Manhattan in the morning. Like caged animals. These people need to realize that it's no coincidence that the world is the way it is, these people need to wake up and get a little rowdy over the fact that they are conditioned by society/TV as to how to think, what to do, what class they might be in, all nonsense that is placed there to stop people from thinking and innovating.

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