Monday, December 29, 2014

How To Master Corporate Change - How To Stay @ Prime

One thing that I think is overlooked among many sharp business people today is that it requires an injection of certain vitamins into a stagnant or slow to grow corporation in order for it to thrive in the ever changing business environment today.
And so I introduce the PAEI Methodology by Ichaak Adizes. First of all, one thing about this man. When he was studying business @ Columbia, he came up with this methodology as his thesis. His professor said it was crap and that it would not work in the real world. Through the years, The Adizes Methodolgy has been implemented by many a Fortune 500 and even now, the governments of Brazil, Israel and many other countries. If I'm not mistaken management classes @ Harvard Business School are now taught from out of his books on Corporate Lifecycles and Managing Change.
A close family friend, I once went out to his certification course and was honored to stay at his house in Santa Barbara.
So the jist of it is this:
Every corporation, in order to stay healthy needs these 4 things (among others but most importantly)


There always needs to be someone who is continuously producing for whatever strategy is put into place, to prove positive through fruition.


There needs to be a person (preferably a very sharp lawyer) who handles all of the administrative paper work, compliance issues, HR and so on.


Somebody with vision who thinks outside the box. This person would likely be the founder or one of the Co-founders. Continuously seeing opportunity everywhere. Innovating things that weren't before fathomed to be innovatable(?).


This is super important because between some people sometimes there is friction. So the integrator is the one who puts the right ones in the right place to do the right jobs.
Many countries/corporations have come to realize the importance of this and are profiting from it. Now, so can you.

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