Sunday, January 11, 2015

My answer to a quora question: Is capitalism dystopian?

I understand where the questioner is coming from.

Do you realize that if some corporations simply share a bit of their profits that poverty can be eradicated across the world.

Like when they converted factories to make goods for the front during WW2.

In my opinion we are most certainly living In a dystopian societ bc of the failure of the elite to love and care for everybody on the planet, not just themselves and their families/friends.

This survival of the fittest "I beat you, I'm the best" nonsense which at one point as humans was necessary but not anymore, for survival, is complete shit and doesn't take into consideration the innocent weak.

I eat the best delicacies in specialty food shops to my hearts content, free. Here in Soho, NYC.  Why? Because stupid people are conditioned to look for a vagrant with torn cloths and all. I go to my favorite cheeses, try a few of the best and most expensive and then explain (with a snobby aura) that "it isn't up to par with my standard." 

Just trying to show an example of the result of conditioning here.

I think people are missing the point of the question though.

He is asking if capitalism, as it currently works, is dystopian.

Considering that the technology to eradicate hunger and homelessness already exists, but isn't put to that use, is quite intriguing.

Perhaps those in charge don't think simply giving these people these things is the way to go.

I understand the whole teach a man to fish don't give him one thing but they fail to even meet these people in the middle with proper education etc.

There's a story of a man who asked an Indian once where he saw the white went wrong.

The Indian man explained that he didn't understand why when the "white men" came they had wayyy more stuff than that needed.

He couldn't understand the whole concept of hoarding wealth the way we do.

He explained that if there was someone within their community who didn't have a house, they would feel pity for the person and the whole community then builds that persona house.

 Considering this, the way Capitalism works today is definitely dystopian/Orwellian. It is a form of mental illness associated with conforming that leads others here, with their answers, to think capitalism, as it is, is the best way. You have to be insane to fit well within an insane society.

And people wonder why they are depressed.

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