Sunday, February 08, 2015

A Pleasantly Surprising Real Estate Experience

Kitchen area of my new place.

After coming back from working on the Iron Dome project abroad, I decided I'd spend a couple weeks @ my parents place, in Marine Park, Brooklyn.

After being there with them for around 3 days, I have come to learn that apparently "most people my age (33) are married with kids already and that I am slacking in that regard." Well, it's quickly become clear that I need to get outta here lest I lose my mind and end up @ Coney Island Hospitals mental ward from this on-going nonsensical babbling.

Anyhoot, online I went, to Craigslist as most (I would imagine) do. I actually decided to not only look at the postings but to also post, for the heck of it, saying that 'I am looking for a good place.'

I was contacted by Claudette from Apt212. She convinced me to come see some place as soon as I want and that there are other places nearby that I can also see, in my price range of course.

So, it was SoHo where I decided to rest my head, because I like the artsy, progressive style thinking of folk around there. Cool graffiti and what haven't you.

She walked me over to the first place, 18 Spring St. A very central location, close to many trains, in the center of the action, really can't ask for better, in terms of Soho. But, like when buying a car, I am not letting on that I am interested.

I scan the place as Claudette opens the door to the apartment. Comfy looking couch over there, nice island type thing going over there, beautiful German girl extending her arm to say hello to my left, absolutely satisfied I was with the situation and the fact that the bedroom was a lot bigger than I had anticipated.

I would be able to focus on work, at home now if I didn't wan't to go uptown, to the office. This is good. Spent a month over @ that place and good times were had when I got an email from Apt212 saying that another place opened up and that if I wanted I can take that one.

Over to the next place I went where little did I know I would meet a business partner/co-founder for a serious project I am working on. Eugene Davis, a Harvard Business School innovation and executive coaching specialist. Going to get his MBA @ MIT Sloan. So, honestly, I am not exactly sure what it is Eugene does when we are not having a good time @ The Spring Lounge. My thinking, since he reminds me of Tony Robbins, what with his motivational ways, is that he goes in to corporations and asks the executives (ELT) evocative questions that fosters better understanding of how they get things done in their cultural ecosystem. Definitely a good roommate considering my little sister, who is studying abroad already went through 2 nightmare scenarios with uncooperative roommates.

Second roommate was Eduardo from a band in Brazil called MpBrows. Now, being a marketer, and although, right now, Eduardo speaks broken english, I was floored when he showed me his twitter account, with over 55,000 followers. Even more interesting was the fact that his dad runs the Panico TV Network in Brazil. Boy oh boy, are Eduardo and me going to have fun when I come visit him in Brazil in March.

So, let me just tell you that I had to learn, and I am a native here in NYC, that the few blocks further you go from "dead center" Soho, to let's say, Nolita, the size of the place you get is dramatically bigger/better.

Now, I live in something like a 5,000 square foot loft here in Nolita.

Can't complain as the deal is simply excellent. The terms are clear in your lease. No matter whether you want the place for 1 month or a year. They all come fully furnished and ready to move in. Cleaning is available, as is necessities like a comforter (since it's winter), sheets for your bed (I brought this from my parents house) and what-not right at the Spring St office of the real estate company. Can't wait till I can afford some of the deals on this page, for the uber rich, but for now I am pleased with a well furnished and legitimate (under 2k a month) NYC pad.

Highly preferred over some Hotel where I definitely would not be making these connections, and where I would most certainly not feel at home, like a true New Yorker.

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