Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Polygamists Rock!

These days I walk around with the understanding that everything is an illusion and you can die in 5 minutes from now.

I guess that means that that thing you were sure that you were going to get done w/ur time here (on this planet) might not get done, unless you move your ass.

Was walking across Spring and Lafayette with Eugene Davis and my Brazilian friend, Eduardo when I came to the realization - polygamy is an excellent practice. I mean, what the hell else can a man ask for? What's nice is that when you're done "doing your thing" instead of listening to the yapping, you can just move on to the next and repeat the process. This is efficient and good.

Kinda like Sebastian from the movie Cruel Intentions, only older, more experienced, wiser, and I let no bitch "get in". After learning that my best friend and dog, Rip Van Winkle is not welcome @ my loft, I took him over to the apartment where I was living before to have my old room and the place for himself. It's only 4 blocks away from my current nest. The only battle @ this point, since I can easily secure this place for Rip, as his own Soho apartment, have regular bonding visits from me, is to get Eugene to get over his allergies and agree to having my dog as his roommate.

He is a very well traveled, renaissance type doggy soul anyway, and so I don't see why Eugene wouldn't just be humbled* by the situation.