Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wild but in stealth

I must digress
I'm in a sloppy mess.

Can't confess
But it has me stressed

I could say this
Lovely summer is being missed

All around hard knocks sound

Like a clown with a frown

Like it's a sin to grin

Right now glee is foreign
Like the first person born

But it's apparently unnecessary
Like throwing innocence in solitary

Seeking opportunity
Like a trader with mutiny

What to do I don't know
Like Edgar Allan Poe

Dreams so dark the days of late
Wandering aimlessly with 0 fate

An island paradise
I long for a slice

To close I pose
To blend with all of those

Like an owl does a mouse
Seeking a cause to espouse

From up I gaze
Down, but they say it's just a phase

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