Saturday, January 23, 2016


I walk around blanketed by light armor that protects the place where I reside, my body. My forward motion is driven by these two extremities attached to me below. Have the same which I use to bring me things above those. Pretty well protected in this blanket fort but never was able to deflect the bombardment of cannons that gets in and leaves a hole in my ships hull through other attributes provided to us with this turtle shell. A sheep walking around in wolf's clothing.

With these eyes open, I witness things. With these ears open, the grapevine speaks loudly to me. This enters and affects the part of us that determines how our thoughts will be that day. For that matter its prudent to speak positive and stay away from those who dont.

Not sure what this force is that drives us humans to be able to live like an efficient machine, but I doubt it just disappears when someone dies. This 'force' might even go to another planet.

People say the big bang created Earth. Evolution happened and here we are. Why dont we think a little further out of the box. Picture yourself a billion gazzilion light years from Earth now. Who created the suns, the moons, planets (perhaps) beings you see around you? Everything working the way it does.

Maybe the universe is square, and you can wingsuit down an infinite black abyss.