Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I'm Convinced We're Confused

Now we have dumbshits who have been holding their racism, hate and idiocy a secret, until Trump gave them a voice. This is pleasing as it makes it clear who is who and what is what. Trump has marketing companies, with manipulative tactics put to use for him. Slogans promoted and swallowed whole by those who agree with what is said, perceptions drawn. It's scary, the use of this never before seen balloon which is bursting with "information" nowadays. Not only to market crap to us but also as a weapon of mass control, what with the governments scientific use of it all.  There is good reason why when a country is invaded and overtaken they immediately start spewing their respective crap through all the media channels.

Coercive rhetoric has always been around as slogans, deceptive and false displays of charity, big toothy smiles, and of-course the promise of some benefit for their backers. So you have people who exert all these ramblings through the hole in their faces all gassed up, because they think "change" is a comin. Shuure, all our Mexican waiters, dishwashers, field workers, laborers or builders are going to be chucked back into Mexico and we'll build a great wall of America at the border... "I'll Build A Great Wall" says Donald Trump.

Bernays, with his calculating use of mass psychology, removed the taboo from women smoking, on behalf of the tabacco companies sometime in the 20s or 30s. He affected generations since then and it will continue perpetually. It was his campaigns that convinced everyone that its ok to put flouride in the water

So many misconceptions, all sorts of things are really not what they were made to seem. Even Abraham Lincoln is known for freeing the slaves while really only slaves in the south were freed, as a final, strategic military blow to them.

Fortunately, fads and trends are great when studying mass psychology as it allows for you to blend with the crowd and keep inconspicuous. So with my brim down low, I make my observations.

It's important to know, like Mark Twain points out, all the drama seen with the rallies, people showing their true faces, thinking that being racist and unwelcoming is the way to be patriotic, all this effort, all these high pitched ramblings are all for nothing. Nothing will change. The two parties made available to us are really just one. Somewhere along the way, perhaps even before George Washington, our country has been sold.

So these days I can be seen bumpin my head to the music I share here while on the B going to Rockefeller center. I bump until I reach this Photography studio where I work. Hustle I do and Brussels are sprouting.