Monday, April 11, 2016

Misplaced Respect

One of the saddest things I think happens too often and causes a ton of angst among intelligent youths or even adults is their stupifying by others with significantly lower IQs, shortsightedness, demeaning behavior and such because apparently thats the next best thing other than establishing an intelligent, thought provoking conversation, when they simply cannot.

I can only imagine how many others this scenario has affected. Problem here is when you believe these people deserve your respect, naturally, since it may be your own father whom we're talking about here.

I'm glad I realized this a while ago because it truly is liberating to be free from this most often unintended obstruction on proper intellectual growth. I always knew respect should be earned before given but confusion led me to think that within my closest circle, where I always thought respect should be applied intrinsically, even there, I've come to find, it should be earned as well. After realizing, through various means, that many are dumbed down by things like smog in the air, convinced of stupid shit they might have heard, the commercial ads, poison in the drink or food we eat, its been observed here that taking in anything, no matter if it's from your cousin or your mother, should be done with calculating caution, as they have power to influence even those who are sharpest, who possess the potential to do great things into someone who will have no self confidence and will go through life confused, falsely thinking he has nothing to contribute. All because those closest to them, who simply cant hang intellectually, and they simply cant find an alternative to using their influence to hit you in the head with potential stealing bewilderment, with confusion and then steal from great people their chance of making something of themselves. Im sure we would know the names of a lot more great people, with tons to give this world and we might have advanced plenty more if it wasn't for dumbshits who put people down because they seem to be unaware when someone worthy of respect is in their presence.

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