Saturday, April 09, 2016

Platos Cave


My dog is curled up more than his hair is at this very moment, laxing on his bed. The rain and gray weather dropped the temperature and he's getting old. He's 11 1/2 and I'll never forget the tuesday, Dec 30 2008 when I got him. Since I love animals more than I do people, it'll be difficult to handle if he passes soon. It is wild, and much like the behavior of black slaves back during that time, the way dogs sense their masters every emotion and respond to it accordingly. People were so mean back then they'd use this against them, with their slaves being loyal as a Jack Russel yet they'd still kick them around like cattle, torment them and then this slave would blame himself for  his masters nasty mood, much like a child would do. The treatment of the slaves was probably one of the most vile examples of American history. There are many a book describing this but none better than The Confessions Of Nat Turner.

It's thought we're not slaves today. It seems the current world order is great, right? If you follow everyone's footsteps, conform to the soap opera which has been made to seem an unpliable reality, all will be good..You must find a profession (matters not if you like it or not), study hard and you'll meet with success. This is all a lie. A new world order is needed because people are left to starve in this one. I think this is because the rich, insatiably, want more. Their appetites, together with their survival of the fittest mentality, their resources, their egos, have long ago affected this "order" but disturbingly so and similar to an aggressive cancer. I wont try and push on you my beliefs or even tell you to "open your eyes" but at least while your're dreaming try and imagine a world that actually applies it's most advanced and current technology on what's needed. Things like defense seems to be the major expenditure nowadays but any competent person would say "where is the 30 billion needed to feed the worlds starving?" I think even a war strategist would tell you a budget of 350 billion, can be cut to 320 billion, or it can be found quickly relative to other frivolous, even ridiculous, expenditures. It'll go to do what, in this world order, doesn't seem to be relevant to it's interests or priorities, feed the worlds starving and stop the clock that kills 500 kids an hour.

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