Monday, July 04, 2016

I'll Rhyme Sometimes - Gee Roze [tha Intro lp]

My party is wild, balls out and obnoxious... Caligula style. Pay attention and sit back for a while.

Don't dare look in my eye, Im sly, while im grabbing your girl by the thigh from behind. No respect. Pay attention as I spit, listen close and get wet.

What can I say, its just another day, given ma horses some hay. Tryna find shade...Tryna cook up a way to get paid. I'll never forget the 13th of May, the year 2000...we'll see what you're subconscious allows in.

9-5 and all you can buy is a hamburger and fries.

But when asked you tell....while youre living in your own little hell, this is just the way it is, the way its been and the way it'll stay, is all you seem to say....while you exit your daze, eyes all's been 17 years making minimum wage. It's not temporary, take stock and the problems you'll count are many.

The rat race takes place in a laboratory cage, "its all a stage" said some sage and a lunatic it's critic, my chaos is parasitic, in these Brooklyn streets, nothings ever copacetic... all my hats are fitted....Altho I wear my brim low, so nobody could know.... who's behind, if you see you'd go blind.

Mine is a tormented mind.

Consider this my preamble for a new chapter of rap. Don't tell me that you don't see all of todays rappers are softserve and whack. All that crap they go on about means jack, you're just talking smack. Catch a slap attack in the back of my Ack by this raw and hard to the core axe maniac.

I'm a serial killin evil villain and the chill I bring gets felt...Got 43 bodies under my belt. They know I'm sick, dangerous and armed, why I never fired a shot and just bash my victims is an unknown phenomenon.

Making moves but I have much to improve. Deceitful, when we battle I'll intentionally lose, or at least pretend to, wait for you to gloat, come up from behind and slit your fucking throat. Revel in the joy, like learning your first born's a baby boy.

Ask those who know me;
I'm not fair, I never care, look away cause I wont break my stare. Like a girl I'll drag you by the hair.

And then kinda like Brexit, I dont look back as I exit. Or like Kaizer Sozay, when I walk away, away is where I stay.

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