Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Dating "Self Summary"

I'm a superhero villain but scary movies terrify me and my Kryptonite is being tickled. 
I'll stumble upon a song and listen to it 50 times (preferably with no interruption) making sure I comprehend every bar. 
I like to be funky and odd (but not as in the smelly or disheveled type). 
Often, I'll pass on good opportunities or luxuries so that my dog lives a better life. 
My thinking is calculating and intricate but I'm very goofy and stupid, run around happy-go-lucky with my tongue out, like a dimwit.
I'm not someone you want to know if your happy with your status quo. The rhyme is happenstance. 
It's true. like a misbehaving child, when it comes to norms, I am very disruptive.
I'm known to cover myself (head to toe) in Vaseline, so as to get out of sticky situations. 
So like in the matrix, you can choose to click the red X now and go on like you never read this, or click the blue send message and awaken to a whole new perspective.

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