Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Lies Of Late

I think now that there are two powerful political forces, Trump as president and Clinton as sore loser at war (basically), we are going to see the contrast between insidious operations carried out by the CIA, NSA and other government agencies focused on deception on behalf of Trump and then we will also see those initiated by the elite of the elite. The latter being, in my opinion a lot more devious and have much less concern for peoples rights or lives. It's now fact that Hillary has ties so close they're like knots with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the like. Hillarys followers are also quite distraught nowadays since they really believed in her, or more realistically just hated Trump and his "ways" and would have voted for anyone in their attempts at stopping him. I don't care for either of them but I can say, all sorts of devious operations will be performed soon by both. I hope to perform more experiments regarding the aforementioned initiatives so as to continue to expose how we are led to believe falsities that motivate us to exert all sorts of energy on manufactured causes or because of tricky lies which will be fed to us by those who we think are the most honest...

Know, one thing I can promise, until this flesh and bone capsule I live in expires, I will be showing you the things which to me seem like obvious corruption, lies and deceit.

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