Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The United Scheming Republic

If you still don't believe that the US is one of the more corrupt countries in the world, you need to pull your head from out of your ass, quick. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK??? Any person who ever challenged me about anything....I repeat - anythingggg - that is written in the archives of this page, previously dismissed as conspiracy theory, needs to get down and kiss my ass... Because it's all out in the open now. Always was a realist.

I'll write here, days before the election, every sheep on the side of Trump as far as my eyes can see, if Hillary wins this election (which at this point seems unimaginable),  it will be clear as day in the Arizona sky, that it's allll rigged.

I often say to people that the world is gonna burn either way but I actually look forward to Trump winning because the degenerate, racist, misogynistic and stereotypical American types that follow him will continue to show their true selves... This allows for excellent observation, classification and compartmentalization of dumbshits.  What'll you say to all the pervs whose retort (while grabbing women by the crotch) will be "Whaa our president does it"  Watch your vaginas ladies.

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