Thursday, July 20, 2017

Red Alert


                  If it were my say, I'd flip the American flag upside down above the White House & put out other distress signals , social media beacons, frikin flares that say #OccupyTheNation to any true patriotic and well armed American.

This, because since I've been alive, I've never seen such faithlessness. It is as if with our new president came confirmation of that crappy aspect of  the worlds reality that like a naive child many of us pretended wasn't really there. But it always was. That is, people who have managed to cut through all the literal bureaucracy, mental health tests & wtvr the heck else they check before permitting a  human to yield such power over his kind, and for that person to be a Trump-like person, really does take away from that prospect we all had, like that child I'd mentioned, that good will prevail.

My Atheist friends must be absolutely loving this.

But, ya know, now that we've got some wildly big headed boar as the leader of our once noble nation, we all have confirmation that it's all shit, it's allowed to be shit, and nobody worried or otherwise focused any energy on seeing to it that it wouldn't be shit.

BTW- I'm in mgmt consulting; and I discuss the growth or what is in the past while lack-there-of with juggernaut industry and vertical leaders agreeing; in the business realm, it's only been downhill since the inception or injection  rather, of Trumpness into the vein of lady liberty.

Now, she's not just blind, but high as fuck over this noxious mess.

Pls don't go on about me being political. Calling an individual out for portraying an image of obtuse zero fuck giving when it relates to anything other than profiting, is my own right.

Let me be clear though; Although from the same state and city, never met the Don and have drwan perceptions about him from my own judgements of his behavior while watching, what is to be fair, provided to us to watch by the media who we all know draw perceptions.

Anyway, this matter is of national importance; as the dignity of our nation is being stolen. it's my opinion, having traveled, that many in the world equate the typical American with this overly fed pompous face whom, yes, was elected democratically but only because this current system we use to elect or "nominate" people sucks and gives 0 credit for the doings by certain people that really matter. Think Nicola Tesla, forward thinking people with advanced out-of-the-box ideas, like Buckminster Fuller and other progressives.

Blame Nisbett and Wilsons's "Halo Effrect" for the allowed, and perhaps even deliberate retardation of our nation.

I'm not sure that everyone will digest this as it is meant to be. I am motivated only by the feeling I've always had to document and share here my findings about what goes on during my lifetime and by my unwavering belief in the PERPETUAL preservation of histories facts.

- Gil Y Rozenblatt (otherwise known as Gillyroze)