Monday, November 27, 2017

Society in 2017 - Money, Sex & Social Class

ot long ago, while on a hike in Muttentown, Long Island, I explained to my trail-mate that properly utilizing focus together with intent can be compared to not just some black belt of martial arts or the 9/11 hijackers - but perhaps a master of one of these arts which are martial (if you ever met one of these masters you'd understand what I'm saying by the way they move and carry themselves - and how people bow their heads in respect in their presence.)

I provided an example by explaining;

"There will be no flaws/errors in this here deliberate action which I will take to break that their branch"

And then, followed through with the below:

Playing games, I am no longer in this here life. Always super serious, and I make people who I interact with upset. That is, with themselves when I explain my world view and their idiocy is brought forth to look at critically.

Namely, all everybody wants - like a bee wants pollen & then to pollinate - is just money and sex. This is small-minded thinking and quite boring IMHO.

Then, you have those who go on about how "my family is this" and "my children" and I'd do anything for "my parents" etc/yada yada...

So very few ACTUALLY care for anything more than these selfish things.

So, in actuality, it is 3 things which sum up a person, sadly, but realistically (in a stark way.)

That is:

1- The pursuit of cash.
2- The pursuit of somebody's ass.
3- The care for only those in immediate social circle and class.

And there you have it folks; society in 2017 moving onward to legal status with the number 18, becoming dumber with our "smart device" apparatus. Always one-sided - mine.

Let posterity remember the preceding rhyme.

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