Monday, January 22, 2007

Over Paid To Exist

I have never cared much for celebrities and would'nt look twice if or when one passes by me. Im erked by how much they get paid to simply exist. These fuckers know nothing about what it means to work. So much money misplaced and sourly invested. What do these thug rappers go and do when they score a deal? They hit up their closest jewelery shop and get "iced out" they spend it on such things as Louis vuitton Dog Strollers so as not to exhaust thir pups. Anyway todays post is about Celebrity cash well spent. For example, Brad Pitt and angelina jolie. They have been travelling around the world investing in people. It seems as though some stupidly wealthy people actually do the right thing with their money. Bill Gates gave BILLIONS to charity to help better the world. Im sure there are many more celebrities whom im oblivious to that also have there hearts in the right places but im writing this post with Oprah Winfrey in mind. Am I the only person that thinks she is a complete fraud? She speaks of empathy and even cries when some guests recount horrific experiences on her show. In my eyes she hasnt changed since she was a pushy afro puff reporter begginning a talk show host career ( which I am not hating on and totally respect) Alot of her antics simply improve her bottom line as a business owner. For example, when she gave new cars to her guests. A stunt to save on taxes. What peeves me is her spending $40 mil on some dumb school in Africa. Why the @^%32 would you spend 40 million bux on some school in some country in some village somewhere when you can diversify those funds and spend a million bucks in 40 different countries? Is her brain really that small? Or does she not give a shit about the dying and starving poeple across the world? Did one of your sly lawyers or accountants not suggest that Ms Winfrey? Better yet shes a racist caring only for her sweet little africans. What The heck kinda school is she building? Sounds as if you stick a somali warlord in there and after five minutes a microwave bell rings and out comes Condoleeza Rice. I never cared much for Oprah and proabaly wouldnt know of her existence if it werent for my two sisters. I just think putting all your eggs in one basket or (village in this case) is Stupid, Arogant, and Ill be damned if these Ugandans sitting in some shack sending me emails asking me to cash their checks in my account and then wire him 50% start to learn how to spell. Heres an email I got today from these scheming bastards. Dear Seller,
I'm ok with your asking price for the item PLASMA SALE - $1100. I'll be using this opportunity to let you understand that you'll be receiving the payment in mode of check from my client and the amount you'll be receiving will be more than the item fees. Payment will be sent to you from your country (USA) in your funds. Like i told you i'm purchasing on behalf of my client and the excess payment is my own commission with the money i'll need to pay for our shipping company. So i want you to promise me that you are so honest to deduct just the amount for the item and send the excess money through WESTERNUNION as soon as you receive the payment from my client. The payment will be sent immediately you agree with me to deduct just the amount for the item and send the balance through any WESTERNUNION OFFICE well known to you and you'll be receiving it the next day.
There won't be any problem about the shippment. I'll be handling that with my DHL# so i want you to get back to me asap now with your full mailing information. Email me your full name, address and phone# now if you agree and assure me that you'll deduct just the amount for the item and send the balance through WESTERNUNION so that the payment can be sent immediately.
Below are the questions i have for you.

1)Is the item in good condition?

2)Is any WESTERNUNION location where you can send the balance money arround you?

3)Can you make sure you get the payment cashed at your bank the sameday you receive it?

4)Can you allow me to send DHL for the pick up and complete the transaction the day you receive the
5)Can you promise me that you'll only deduct your item fees from the payment and westernunion the balance money the day you receive the payment?

If yes to all my questions, kindly email me back your full name, address and mobile# asap today


Note: You won't be responsible for westernunion charges. You have to deduct the westernunion charges from the payment.
subject: answer my question and email me your full name, address and phone# asap today


Hello seller,
I'm an old woman, I am interesting in the immediate purchase of this item for my GrandSon who is schooling at Convenant University in Nigeria as a gift because he just finish is university and am so pround of him,I will like to surprise him with this special item of yours and i will like you to help ship me the item down to him.. So kindly let me know what next...I will be paying via paypal, money order or cheque get back to me with your address so as to send the Money Order or Cheque to.........
Pls kindly let me know what u need....
Mrs Rita

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  1. I definetly agree with you on the putting all her eggs in one basket point. And in one place. However, I don't know if I would call it racist. Just stupid.


Thanx, it was sent.