Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The nirvana videos above and below mirror the mood i've been in for the past week or so. Just tired of being a whore to my industry. Sick of eating the same shit. I dont have it bad yet what comes next sometimes eems like an enticing prospect. Im not pissed enough at the world to leave it just yet. I just sometimes think about how one must feel 5 minutes before killing themselves. It is interesting to learn what comes next and the world can really suck sometimes but most are scared to die. I recall in 2003 a girl aged 20 standing feet from me waiting for the 34th street train on the downtown bound track. As the train screeched by she threw herself in front of it. As crazy as it sounds i have a certain respect for these people. We all rabble about our problems and complain to whomever will listen.We oull our own family into a depression bc of ours. These people dont care to chew someones ear off, instead they take action. You might say these people are "Realer" then most. They too are hassled by the same things but instead of paying their boring therapists they get off the line and say FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT.

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