Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Most Amazing New Yrs Everrrr

I can trully say this new yrs and just the weekend that past was one of the funnest I can say I have ever had. I found myself in the same general area as last yrs new years. Lake Naomi in the Poconos Pennsylvania. When we got to this house we rented we all were in shock because it resembled the homes given to people on the MTV show Real World. So after we settle in and pump up our new ultra powerful sniper rifle pellet guns with scopes :) we ventured off into the woods. We found that approximately 20 steps from our house there was a beautiful lake with bicycle peddle boats and a sandy beach (keep in mind we arrived late fri night) A huge fire ensued and together with it burned marijuana and marshmellows. Im moving out to a similar area and felt the comfortable feel im used to when im in the outback. Especially when waking up. Skiing was what was on the agenda for Saturday and since i was the most avid skier there, instead of baby sitting i ventured off and had as a good a time as one can have w/out black diamond trails open. It was a blast no less and smoking a joint on the top of a lift reminded me of New yrs Millenium night 2000 when we did the same thing. Quading on the 1st simply topped off a weekend full of booze, drunken hunting, chinky eyed skiing, belligerence and all around good times. The fact that I left my cell phone @ home allowed me to trully relax and take everything in stride.

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