Thursday, January 04, 2007


Its funny how quickly someone you have spent years with can be deleted from your thoughts and life like a pesky desktop file. Sometimes we wedge ourselves into bad positions where we stay with people even though we are not truly happy. I think more often than we think we convince ourselves that we are content and that what we have is what we deserve and effectively we become "comfortable". This is a true tragedy since it is without a doubt a waste of time and more often than not we lose out on great joyous times and instead take the shit that we get stuck with. Its not a fantasy to be truly happy with someone and find exactly what you are looking for (and u got to be single for a lil to really know what you want in a person). Sadly, I beleive my friends will learn the hard way that it takes time and alot of learning about YOURSELF before you can really know what you want in a woman. I fear that most have yet to learn what they really want and will eventually find themselves stuck in a hole too deep to climb out of. I really cant say how happy I am in my current situation. All my life I get pulled into these long term relationships that i am not happy in. I have a complex where i feel bad for girls and try not to hurt them and in-effect I hurt myself. I remmemmber even 10 yrs ago saying to myself "Gil next time ur single stay single" Wise words Gilly Boy.

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