Monday, January 08, 2007

Current Events

Today's entry begins with a phone call from a customer from the Frontier hotel & casino in Las Vegas. The customer needed a TV and was looking for a good deal. It turns out that he was also the operations manager at the hotel. I asked him if he was able to get me a room since I had to be there for the CES convention. The customer went on to explain that they have 40 suites and 2 super-suites. I asked him if he can hook me up with a super-sweet. His response was hook me up with the TV and I'll hook you up with the room. I guess it's true what they say, "One hand washes the other". I can't say how much fun I've been having mocking my friends that are stuck in long-term relationships. They all seem to envy me so. I went to Duvet on Saturday night although I am not enticed by the scene. Two of my really good friends seem to drag me out all the time. I'm not complaining. So, this time while in the club, instead of pretending that I am a hillbilly hick from Mississippi I decided to look around for the prettiest girls and then ask them to buy me a drink. It's quite amusing the reaction you get from girls that are so stuck-up. They can't fathom buying a guy a drink. There were two girls in particular that had SI/Italian accents. They couldn't believe that I had the nerve to ask them to buy me a drink. I try to contain myself when I think a girl needs to be put in her place but it's sometimes difficult.I decided to ease the tension and stress of going all the way to Vegas by bringing my personal assistant along. She is typing this as we speak. She's my little sister's friend and I am glad to have found her. I really believe she will help to keep me away from the casinos and closer to getting some pootang (her quote, not mine). There is a magical spirit in the air in Las Vegas. It is really and truly an adult Disneyland. Mickey mouse is my card-dealer while Goofy is my pit-boss. What's starnge is that I had no intention in going to Las Vegas since I was there last year and find that the CES show isn't going to improve my bottomline by too much. It tends to be smarter people that order from us including graduates from Ivy League schools. Danny is starting to piss me off since he never comes in on time. I always knew that hiring a friend isn't the best way to go but I just love the fact that when he doesn't make a sale I can call him a piece of shit Russian bastard and I can call his sister a fat pig without repurcussion. Often times he will piss me off and I take out my fire extinguisher and blast him in the face with it. Getting back to these girls in the clubs, why is it that girls can't buy guys a drink? You all ask for equality but you can't have only the best part; if you're going to do something, do it all the way. I might not have mentioned that our super-suite has two huge bedrooms with king size beds with a jacuzzi in the middle. Yay. I don't plan on gambling too much and I'm trusting my PA to help me with this. It turns out that this year the only friends of mine that are coming to Vegas are those that are rolling. I foresee a very good time in the coming days and I believe it will be something that I will talk about for a while. All things considered, I really can't complain.

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