Saturday, January 13, 2007


In the past couple of months I had 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled and in the days following the extractions I prance around in a vicodin induced stupor. My oral surgeon is spoken of often in the news papers and is considered one of the best in America. He explains that the vicodin is a necessity (as if I was complaining) and sais it should be taken in combination with the amoxicilin. His orders were to stay in bed and not leave the house for a few days. It looks like I will be legally high for the weekend. I really think he underestimates himself. Today, after he was done with me I began to get up when he rushed over hurredly to tell me to sit back down apparantly worrying that I might have been disoriented but I felt as I did when I first walked in. Its amazing how GREAT he is. Never felt any pain when he pulled my teeth and he has been pulling them since they were babies. When his assistant mentioned how well this went and how good he works he said "yes yes but my brother is handicapped so I dont gloat" LOL he is a funny guy.

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