Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have got some freakin awesome pics to share. Today I worked on a 700 acre farm,the hours are from 5:30 to 8:30 in the morning and then i come back to the crib to work from 10-6 pm. I like this regimen and if the kind owner of the place allows me to stay I will love to gain the knowledge that I know he can provide. On the way up there my buddy Saber explained there is no sitting down and chatting with this guy because its only him and his nephew that raise, feed and milk 200 cows.Its quite an image seeing 200 cows lined together in a barn crapping, peeing and feeding in unison. Oh boy was he right, the only way you get to chatto this guy is while he is milking feeding grazing and doing wutever the F else he does. The cows give birth almost daily and so there are many calves running around mooing which i guess is the way infant cows cry. So Saber told me to stick my thumb in the mouth of one of these calves. Let me just say the expert suck job a calve can give makes me understand how Bin Laden can spend these longs years in caves screwing goats. I always liked animals but I recently found that I love them. This mihgt sound stupid to some but I think there is much to learn from animals. No worries just routine. No doubts about what might happen tomorrow. They live in peace and harmony. So I pay $1200 a month for this very nice secluded home in the town of Tannersville. Its 2 minutes from Hunter Mtn. I only signed a one month lease knowing I will find a nicer and bigger place with more acreage soon after I actually moved up here. So today on the way back from the farm I noticed a cool place for rent so as Saber and I drove past it I took the number and later came back to get a good look at it. As i was pulling up to the place I noticed A beautiful rustic but very large 5 bedroom house acrooss the street with a sign that said for sale house barn and 20 acres. I couldnt help myself but go and look at this property. It was exactly what I had pictured in my head when i first thought of moving up here 3 months ago. Fate and coincidence go hand in hand I think . Some guy pulls up with a big truck and eyeballs me apparantly because it was his house. It in fact was. Hes a cool country guy whos grandfather used to own the house, barn and property. I asked him if he would interested in renting it to me first and then I can consider buying it (which would do in a heart beat were they asking for a fair price. This place is awesome and 20 x bigger than my current place and I will only pay get this you cidiots $800 a month. Anyway to get to the jist of things so I can hit the sak and begin tomos regimen. I found a fucking dream property. One where I dont need to buid but can use the current barn for my aristocratic Bach and mozart listening goats. I am so glad to have found where I belong in this vast, confusing and misleading world.

I will update the pics I have taken recently upon my visit to brooklyn on thurs.

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