Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why do wood peckers peck?

I dont know exactly what motivates me to write here. But then ive always been one that likes to tell stories and teach. My ex used to find it annoying. Blogging is "In Deuude". No, its just a always found it to be an intelligent thing to do. I remember buying at least 2 or 3 actual journals and writing in them for a few days and then like just about everything else i have/had i lose it. Google owns this blog and something tells me they will be around for many generations to come. I am waking at 5:30 in the morning to go with a friend named Saber (I call him saber tooth tiger) to his friends farm not too far from here. Saber is 62 and is extremely well learned. He agreed to let me use the acres he has up here to herd around and pasturize goat milk and we will make goat and other cheeses as well. From what I hear from friends in the produce bsiness there is a high demand for goat milk primarily but the cheese as well. I love animals and the outdoors appeals to me. Also I am going to add an artsy twist to it. All the livestock will be pampered and will never be given any pathogens making them organic. Ambient, classical yoga type music will be played for my goats all day. So they can live harmonuously and sway to Bach or Mozart. "Gillys Harmonorganic Goats Inc" lollll. Some rugged ass farmers might say I am a dreaming city boy that knows nothing of the work involved. Well to that I say this: For a couple of years I have worked with this luminescent bloodsucking monitor in my face like a fat lazy fuck. Wether one goes to the military, is raised by a preacher, or people that were born into conditions that left them no choice, they were disciplined. Discipline and responsibilty, for the many to whom it was never taught GO AND ATTAIN IT SOMEHOW. Thats the way I feel anyway. I do not mind doing it for just the work and the knowledge. My dads friend does exactly this high in the mountains in Jerusalem. Its abeautiful place and he has been doing it for 45 years. I am hoping to learn enough about spending a few weeks at the farm im going to tomo mng but if not I will spend a few weeks in a crash coarse goat farming lesson in jerusalem. Sometimes I think about what exactly I would tell someone if they acskded me what I am? I have questioned this for quite a while. I, for a while considered myself a no nonsense even cut throat entreupenuer. I remember when I was 15 I thought i was a punk ass dude that cant be fucked with. One thing that I have found about myself @ 15 and still now. And I am not gloating. I used to get jumped as a kid for this and aonce even sliced in the back by some kid that was peeved about me throwing his friend down the poolhall stairs. Ye, growing up in brooklyn brings with it many adventures. Including outrunning "minorities" daily at the park after playing wiht our new basket balls. Many a times I suited up only to find my bike had disapeared. One incident i wil never forget: Me, my brother and his friend hanging out in friend of the friends house. I was toying around with my new Haro Master stunt bike. I remember my father rode it all the way from the city where he works to our house in Brooklyn. It was a birthday gift. As i waited for them to come back some old greek guy pulled up next to me walked up and took my bike from right out of my hands. I was helples and 11 years old. 6 or 7 years ago I recognized this guy as the owner of a bicycle shop in the area. I have ever since promised myself I will throw a city corner trash can through the fuckers window one day. I care not even if i get caught. Justcice must be served and our penal system is governed by fruitcake lame asses that sit around and jerk off to pictures of little boys on the screen on their cherry wood oak desks. They smile with their ugly money-bred wives at events and lie straight to our faces about where our money is going and what is REALLLY going on. Let me ask you this: If these closet fag probably even sadistic senators, governors, priests, rabbis and whoever the fuck else conceal that their bonin lil boys supposedly working or worshiping after hours from their families friends and communities, do you think they wil have any problem ethically morally to lie straight to your face on television when theya re not even on leisure time as when their with family. Their act is practiced and proven when speaking publicly. Dont want to hassle my mind or yours any further with these damning truths. The jews, gypsies, gays and all german non aerians were fighting patriotically and dying for the sake of their land and country but their administration decided to slaughter them regardless. Well, I try to keep inconspicuous but its hard not to tell of these observations. I am an explorer and exploring no matter for what end result is going to remain who I am and who I will be. 75% of our government is corrupt so u know what? I will smoke my pot when I please I will drive as fast as I want as long as I feel its safe my guns will always remain loaded on my rack at all times in case anyone intrudes on my lifestyle.

All presidents future past and present are actors that dont play on screen. Obama seems sincere but who the fuck is gonna vote for a guys name that rhymes with osama? I will cut off my left pinky if the blues choose obama bin dreamin over clinton to run for the dems. Nixon was a great actor and it came out of no where when he was found to be a thief liar. Bush though is a terrible actor and only but really only by way of inherintance did he steal the presidency. Its abolufuckinglutely crazy how what ever official moves his lips in a ngatvive tone using the bush name they are suddenly fired or disciplined/punished in some way. Twas sweet to mix work with the singing birds in this 2 acre forest.

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