Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bliss & Kiwiville

I am so truly grateful to have this here space to record my life. I hope that I will inspire others to break their routine and live as well. Its so beautiful here and keeping with my living everyday as my last mentality I am taking everything in wide eyed and full of glee. Right now @ this moment is where im at. If I was to worry about the plasmas I have to wake @ 4:30 in the mng to ship on mon or my depleting bank account I wouldnt be @ this very place I call bliss. I find that to simply love everything and everyone is the best social practice, the best way to live. Share it with everyone instead of trying to focus it on just one and blocking out the rest of the beautiful people in the world. No worries just cheers. Kiwiville folks Kiwiville.