Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some Beauty To Add To Our Dream Files

There are no words that can properly describe where I currently am. It is beauty that I never imagined I would see. Everything here is beautiful, the people, the accents, the amazing nature and coasts. It is truly a dreamland. I am currently in the Bay Of Island and will spend a few nights here. Its an amazing town in the north of New Zealand some 3 hours from Auckland City. I have a car and the drive here was amazing. I brought a mate with me that I call tomtom cuz hes an excellent map reader and got us here quickly and with no error. Hes from the netherlands and many people here are from diferent parts of the globe as am I. I have never seen a city so bustling with jobs and opportunities as is Auckland City. I was solicited at least 5 times to work random jobs like fruit picking or waitering. All types of unique businesses they have here. Once again I am getting this feeling of inferiority in terms of intellectualism. This is the feeling I got while in Amsterdam. Everything here is worry free. The Uneployment rate is only 4. I have never in my life seen more beautiful girls. The soil here is the most fertile in the world. Following the advice of a friend of mine in the produce biz bak home I ate some kiwis and he was on the money wen he sed the best in the world are here. Its just so fruitful. It is no surprise that beautiful women are bred here. In America we are led to generalize, to discriminate. @ the hostel Im currently at I met some arabs in the mng. I was smoking a stogie outside when one of them asked me to take a flik of him and his friends. As I did I noticed they were eating shakshuka. I mentioned it was nice shakshuka and they were pleased to hear I knew what it was. I ate with my Saudi Arabian brothers and drank their drink. Kind fellas. Exploring as am I.