Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Goodbye Concrete City

Mothers Day @ My Brothers

Many good things I am hearing from people about the journey that is before me. People tell me they did this when they were my age and they had a blast. I dont see it like that. I am not vacationing. Also I think its sad that people only do this when they are in their 20s. I would hope whomever I choose for a wife will like to do the same things. I would hope when im 35 I can up and fly to Australia for a few months. I will do what I must to attain this goal. It entails not tying myself to anyone or anythiing for too long. Like Robert Deniro said in the movie Heat, "you gotta be able to drop everything you hold dear if times called for it." Screw all this uniformity and expectations. This journey will take years. I will be back to visit friends and family in 3-6 months. For now its just me, my laptop and my board.

BTW- Airports have some damn slick ground and boarding in em is quite fun. Cheers!