Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Way There

While waiting for my flight @ JFK, I was on the escalator with the singer Usher. I asked him for a pic and he said he had a plane to catch. I said oh thats how you diss your fans (as if I was one) he put down his bags and extended his hand for a shake. I looked at his hand before I shook it pondering whether I wanted to. He has a firm grip. The flight to Frisco passed rather quickly but I have a trecherous flight before me. 16 hours. This is scary. A very pretty girl sitting next to me on the plane has been to Zealand and has great things to say about it there. This flight is from jfk to Frisco.

I am now on the 2nd flight, the long one. I have 2 hours left until im in New Zealand. The plane is rather empty and the lady just announced breakfast is coming. I have an entire row for myself. I was forced to buy a ticket to Australia from new zealand. They are very strict about foreigners staying n their country. Americans need not apply for a visa but must have proof of onward travel. So in 2 months I shall fly to Sydney Australia. I can already tell what im in for as the people on the plane are kiwis (new zealanders) and they are very kind. Swinging work and explorong is going to be very dificult but ill get it done.

Random comment: Only family really cares....