Thursday, May 31, 2007

Living In New Zealand

I write in a journal to record things when Im not around a computer. Like when Im camping out or roughing it. This is an entry from my journal from 4 days ago. While I was staying @ chesters Camper Van:

I write this post using the light from a compact german military cooker. I'd like to note that Im having the time of my life. My friends and I oftend reminisce about good old times when we were 15 or so. A couple of times I remember saying "yea those were the days well never have such good times ever again". I was dead wrong. America and its citizens are machines that follow programs or orders and most dont get an outside perspective. I am meeting many people. Germany Austria Ireland Scotland The UK The Netherlands are just a few of the countries where friends I've made are from. A backpacker I am not but I am backpacking now. Im also skateboarding but IM not a skateboarder. I'm an explorer being practical. I have knowledge to share as do others and im spnging it all up. This camper im now living in is the most comfy digs I have attained so far. Its got a great bed an oven and even a fridge. Today I spent by the Blue Lake in Rotorua. Its as pristine as it gets. There I used the humungous leaves from trees to build a comfy little shelter to build a fire and cozy up next to. My Remington hunters knife and the widerness survial book I have read b4 coming here are proving very handy. The army store I was @ was amazing. They sell things that armies all around the world use. I even picked up something from the Isreali military. Little German elite forces compact cooker with little stones you put under it that burn for hours to cook with. Its 4 inces by 3 inches and folds up into itself to fit into the ipod pocket of my Camelbak. Kiwi climber rescue jacket, A aluminum foil blanket that is warmer than down and many other little gadgets from around the world that fit easily into my backpack. My flame is now dying out and so cheers for now.

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